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Camera falls from airplane and lands in pig pen. (by Mia Munselle)

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Queen Nanny was a True person of Resiliency and Courage and renowned for her efforts in Jamaica growing up in slavery. Queen Nanny was kidnapped from Ghana as a child and forced into slavery during the late 1600’s and was raised in some of the worst conditions in the early 1700’s. Nanny was influenced by the Maroons who were former slaves that fled plantations and formed their own communities in Jamaica’s interior. 

Nanny and her brothers ran away and escaped from their torturous slavery at the plantation. They led several revolts across Jamaica. Queen Nanny was a well-respected, intelligent spiritual leader who was instrumental in organizing the plans to free slaves. For over 30 years she freed almost 1000 slaves and helped them settle into these new Maroon communities. 
She defeated the British forces that enslaved them in many battles. Despite repeated attacks from the British soldiers on Grandy Nanny’s settlement which was formed in her honor and called Nanny Town, it remained under Maroon control for years with successful defenses. The school system won’t tell you about the Legendary Queen Nanny, but she is referred to as the “Mother Of Jamaica” and known as a true Hero and Leader. SanCopha Salute!
Written By: @Champion_Us

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